German Fest 2016

The German Fest is one of the most awaited events in our school especially if you are a German student and you are in grade 9. In our school, we start learning new languages in grade 6. If you take up German you are entitled to set up a stall in the German Fest as soon as you get in grade 9. So for me and my friends this was the year that we got to do all that. As soon November rolled around we started bugging our teacher to tell us more about what we were going to do in the Fest.

And then one day our hopes and dreams were crushed with the announcement of the Christmas Carnival which meant that no more German Fest since our school didn’t have the budget to carry out both the events (I wonder where all the money we pay as fees disappears at times like these?). All of us were so agitated and annoyed with this decision. Our chance to do cool things rolls around and suddenly the school decides to set up a Christmas Carnival. The boys even suggested that we sign a petition, though we didn’t do anything like that. But the odds were in our favor (see what I did there?) and the Christmas Carnival was canceled and German Fest was back on track. Through weeks of meet ups, discussions, fights and arguments, we finally got everything decided and we were set.

The golden day of December 22 rolled and god we all were so excited. We got to sell stuff and earn money. And the best part was that we got to keep the money. So early in the morning we go to the field and start setting up our stall ‘Schwarzwald’ or Black Forest. So after a lot climbing up tables and running around with decorations and whipped cream, we were finally done.

Now here we are ready to earn some cash and have a good time, and what happens? People look at our stall, check it out and walk away. We felt that nothing was going to be sold and the eleven of us would end up eating all the food we prepared. I had made posters and my friends had made bookmarks but no one seemed interested.

But then god looked down at us and thought, “These are a bunch of really cool kids. I think they need some cash. Well, I’m gonna help them out.” And his blessing came in the form of two little sisters. So two of the guys in our group had younger sisters who were in grade 6 and my, these kids were just so wonderful I just wanted to hug the living daylights out of them. Both these girls were just running around calling their friends and classmates and random people and sending them to our stall. God I have never seen so many kids jump around in a single place. And the things actually started selling. Kids bought the food, the bookmarks, the posters and tried out the games and we were earning money for crying out loud. It was wonderful. Even though by the end of the day my legs felt like they were going to melt into nothing and my head hurt it was still amazing. It is going to be one of those days that I’ll not forget so easily.

Thank you for reading!



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