The time when Spiderman made me cry.

So a few days back I was watching ‘The Amazing Spiderman 2’. I watched it before like 2 or 3 times but something or the other would happen and I would never make it till the end of the movie. On this particular day, I finally decided that I am going to watch the entire movie and no one can stop me. I sat down in front of the television, with my Physics textbook open and my notebook in hand, pretending that I could concentrate on both things together. So you know I’m casually watching the movie and everything is going great; Max turns into Electro, he hates Spiderman and the world in general, Gwen and Peter decide to take a break from their relationship, but then they realize how much they love each other, and Gwen secretly doesn’t want to go to Oxford, and Peter writes ‘I Love You’ with webs on a bridge, and they kiss on top of the bridge. You know the usual stuff that I just love watching.

I am enjoying the movie till now, my Physics book long abandoned. Spiderman is fighting Electro and he defeats Electro and everything is going great. And because the world hates me so much, the Green Goblin aka Harry Osborn has to appear out of nowhere and abduct Gwen. I mean seriously dude, get a life. You are ruining a moment here. So then Spiderman goes after him to save Gwen and for a moment I feel that yeah everything is going to be fine. But nooo. What happens? The stupid web breaks and Gwen falls from freaking 250 feet to her death. He could’ve saved her but the webbing takes hold of her too late and she died. And in that moment, my world crumbled before my eyes. Gwen died. I swear I had tears in my eyes. Some of you might it stupid but I don’t care. If I’m sad then I’m sad; I can’t help it. Anyway, I ended up contemplating my life for the next two days but then it went back normal. But it was not supposed to happen. They had to get married. But life goes on.


Thank you for going through my rant!!



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