Bucket List


  1. Read 20 books.
  2. Spend one day doing nothing at all.
  3. Get good grades in 10th Grade.
  4. Try to exercise more and stay fit.
  5. Binge watch While You Were Sleeping (K-Drama).
  6. Stop procrastinating.
  7. Watch the Now You See Me movies.
  8. Start a Youtube Channel.
  9. Renovate my room.
  10. Start an Art Journal.
  11. Try out a new hobby.
  12. Go on a city tour with my family.
  13. Try a new dish.
  14. Get a crazy hairdo for a day.
  15. Click cool photographs.
  16. Spend a month away from my family.
  17. Create a documentary about something.
  18. Do a collaboration.
  19. Resume my stamp collection.
  20. Talk to someone after midnight.
  21. Get noticed by a celebrity.
  22. Learn to cook a bit.
  23. Complete my novella on Wattpad.
  24. Solve a Rubik’s cube.
  25. Pull an all-nighter.
  26. Try to wake up early at least on one day.
  27. Figure out what I want to do as a career.
  28. Have a study date with my friend.
  29. Fill my journal.
  30. Be nice.

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