Bucket List


  1. Read 20 books in a year.
  2. Spend one day doing nothing at all.
  3. Tolerate Maths and Science for one more year.
  4. Try to exercise more and stay fit.
  5. Get a Starbucks Coffee.
  6. Stop procrastinating.
  7. Watch 20 movies in a year.
  8. Start a Youtube Channel.
  9. Renovate my room.
  10. Paint something worthwhile.
  11. Try out a new hobby.
  12. Go on a city tour with my family.
  13. Try a new dish.
  14. Get a crazy hairdo for a day.
  15. Click cool photographs.
  16. Spend a month away from my family.
  17. Create a documentary on something.
  18. Do a collaboration.
  19. Resume my stamp collection.
  20. Talk to someone after midnight.
  21. Get noticed by a celebrity.
  22. Learn to cook a bit.
  23. Complete my novella on Wattpad.
  24. Solve a Rubik’s cube.
  25. Pull an all-nighter.
  26. Try to wake up early at least on one day.
  27. Complete writing a book on Wattpad.
  28. Have a study date with my friend.
  29. Fill my journal.
  30. Be nice.

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