Hey, I’m your inner consciousness.


Hey, I’m your inner consciousness.

That annoying voice you hear when you try to ignore the truth.

The calming advice that resonates in your head when you feel like you’re breaking.



I know you hate me. And sometimes when you’re alone you like talking to me.

I know sometimes you wish that I would just shut up.

You don’t need a stupid voice to guide you.



Sometimes you see him walking down the hallway, with broken glasses and greasy hair.

I keep poking you to say one mean word.

He needs to suck it up, right?



Sometimes when you look at her, you burn with jealousy.

I try stopping you from spreading those terrible rumors.

She never did anything to you, right?



I stand by good. I stand by evil.

I pull you up. I bring you down.

I’m like a tempest. You don’t know in which direction I’ll make you sway.



And in the end, you can only say, “I wish I did it in another way.”

Don’t even get me started on this post. I seriously have no clue what this is. A poem? I don’t know given the fact that only the last line rhymes. Maybe a free verse. I have no idea. So, I’m just going to treat this as a poem. Don’t hate me. I know I suck at poetry but I kind of like this.

Thank you for reading!!



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