How To Deal With Best Friends Gone Bad?


Having trouble with dealing with your best friends who are not exactly acting like your best friends anymore?

Here are 6 steps to help you deal with best friends gone bad.

  • Step 1: Acceptance

    It is possible that for the first few days you’ll probably deny the entire fiasco.You’d think that you are just being paranoid and overthinking and overreacting. But let me tell you that’s not it. It is happening and there is a 99% chance that you have no idea about what to do or what to say or what to think. You are growing anxious day by day and your brain feels like it’s going to explode. You know that you’ve done nothing wrong but what if you have? Just stop these thoughts. The only thing that is happening is the loss of your peace of mind. Just take a deep breath and calm down.

  • Step 2: Finding Solace

    If you are a group of say, 5 or 6 friends there is quite a lot of chance that there is at least one more person who is feeling the same. If you aren’t in a group of friends it’s best to go to someone with whom you have good and diplomatic relations. In my case, I had a friend who was feeling the same way and trust me it was a relief to find someone because I felt like I was going insane. You feel so much at ease that you have someone who understands what you’re feeling and they can feel the pain and anxiety that’s buried inside you.

  • Step 3: Baring Souls

    You don’t have to tell this person you have found solace with but it is good to share your emotions with them and let it all out. Cry your eyes out, curse like a sailor, break your mom’s favorite vase. Just do something that relieves your stress and let this person be there for you and in turn be there for them. Just because you are having a bad time doesn’t mean that you can be rude to anyone and everyone. If they are being considerate enough to support you in your difficult time then do it for them too. Talk about things and trust me you’ll feel a lot better. And maybe a little depressed too.

  • Step 4: Clearing Heads

    You probably found out about things that you didn’t want to know from that conversation. Stuff that’s been said and stuff that’s been done. You probably will not believe a single word but deep down there is a feeling that everything is as real as Lady Gaga even though it feels like the exact opposite. One thing that you need to do: clear your head. It’s cluttered with a million thoughts so just clear it out. There is no point in torturing yourself about people who don’t care about you. Yes, the person you had considered as your best friend called self-obsessed, money minded and insensitive. And yes, it hurts like hell. But consider this: Are they regretting what they have said? If no, then stop hurting yourself. They are not worth it.

  • Step 5: Eliminating Toxins

    If they have made your life miserable then there’s no point in moping about them. They don’t care? Then you don’t have to care. There’s a quote “Destroy what destroys you.” That’s exactly what you have to do. Eliminate the toxins in your life. Bring out positivity as much as you can. They are not worth your tears or your pain. Do what makes you happy. Avoid contact with poisonous people. Leaving them behind is the best thing you can do. Even if it hurts a lot.

  • Step 6: Moving On

    When you successfully eliminated these people from your life, it is time to move on. Forget these people and welcome new people. You have been hurt and you may have trouble with trusting people but it is all for the greater good. The people who are meant to stay will stay and those who aren’t will go. That’s just how it all works. You have pack up and move on. Don’t be bitter about what they said even if it hurt you a lot. Just forget about it and create a new life for yourself. Fill it with new things and new experiences. Whatever happened will always be a part of you whether you like it or not so no point in whining about it for the rest of your lives.


I hope this post helps you get through difficult times and makes you feel better.

Thank you for reading!!



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