Inspiration comes from the weirdest places.


When the word inspiration comes to my mind, the first thing I think of is a great personality or maybe a life changing experience. These feel like fitting things that should invoke a sense of inspiration in a person. But I realized that it does not necessarily have to be those things that inspire a person. It could be the smallest of things that can possess the ability to inspire in you. It could be a person you saw on the television, an article you read in the newspaper, a song you heard on the radio or even a single drop of rain sliding down a window pane. That rhymed. Anyways, going back to the point, what I mean to say is that you don’t need to experience extraordinary things to actually do extraordinary things. Look around and maybe you will find something or someone who makes you feel like you can do anything and that you have the capabilities that can change the world.

If I speak about myself, I recently found a person who made me want to get up and work hard so that I can follow my dreams. If you are an Indian and you watch reality shows then you may or may not have heard of this person. I am not going to write the name of this guy just because I feel like it but he has inspired me so much that it is quite unexplainable. It’s like a rush inside me that was there somewhere deep inside me but never had the opportunity to come out and now it finally has. And to be honest, I have never felt better in my life. I am serious when I say this, I hate Math. I’ve already written a post about it but he makes me feel like I can endure it for one more year and get through. I am slightly obsessed with this person now but if it brings out the good in me then there’s no harm in it, right? I feel like I can do whatever I like and I can ace in fields that I never even bothered to look into. It’s like some sort of holy light has descended on me. I am being very dramatic but I hope you guys get my point. If you feel demotivated then just wait up for a little while and maybe you’ll find something or someone that inspires you.

Thank you for reading!!



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