What if there were no weapons?


A few days back when I was trying to fall asleep, this random thought crossed my mind; What if there were no weapons? Like what if they just disappeared from the face of the earth and everyone forgot how to make them again? The memory of the process just wiped off their brains? No more shotguns, and AK-47s and nuclear bombs. And no matter how hard the people tried they would not be able to remember what you need to do to make a weapon. What I think is that if we cannot create peace by preaching people then maybe something as miraculous as this is what is needed to enforce peace. Because right now all these so-called adults and political leaders can do is basically ban people and categorize certain communities under these narrow-minded labels that have been created. All that we are able to achieve by this is fuel more hatred among people because apparently, every hijabi is a terrorist, every black guy is a thug and every refugee is a criminal.

So don’t you think it would be easy to just make arms and ammunition disappear? No more guns for the bad guys and no more guns for the good guys. You can’t kill thousands of innocent people without a gun right? So maybe if we just forgot how to create and use weapons then maybe we could remember how to live peacefully with each other again. I wish we could see that life is more than hatred and fear. I know that this is not possible but what if? Just what if? It was just a thought in my head but wouldn’t it be great? One can only imagine. I just hope that one day we can live with each other peacefully with our own will. And that will be the day when we finally achieve something worth bragging, something more than guns and bombs.

This was just a very random thought that came to my mind and I thought why not change it into a post? So I did. I thought it was quite a cool idea so I really hope you guys like it.

Thank you for reading!!



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