People Kill.


A month back, I wrote about how cool it would be if weapons disappeared from the face of the earth. But I realized that it’s people who kill, not weapons. We have created them and we are the ones using them. And if we are not using weapons, I don’t think we are falling short of other methods. The thing is that we don’t even need to die physically to actually be dead. You could just die emotionally. It is as bad as actually being dead. Maybe even worse. Because the pain has numbed you; you are unfeeling, bruised and battered but still there. Still hanging on by a thread. After all, it’s people who kill.

Humans have this strange habit of destroying everything around them. Be it themselves, other people, other creatures even our planet that has given us life. We don’t develop. We destroy. We destroy what has been created over billions of years. We crave one thing: Power. And we are willing to go to enormous heights to fulfill that craving.

I tried to find good things about our world a few days back. I was making a mental list. The Good and The Bad. Unfortunately, the bad things outweighed the good. Call me a pessimist if you want to but try making a list yourself. You will realize what I talking about. We are just so selfish. We cannot think of anything but ourselves. We want to be happy and for that, we are willing to destroy the happiness of others. Even willing to kill them. Maybe unknowingly or maybe worse knowingly. But no one really cares so go ahead anyway.

You might be killing someone. You don’t need a gun. Just your actions and your words. That’s it. It’s fairly simple; killing a person. You won’t be charged with murder for emotionally killing a person. You’ll be free. Maybe few years down the line, you’ll forget about the person you killed. But they won’t forget you. You are embedded into them. Their body, their mind, their heart and their soul. They will still remember you. You are their killer.

“Congratulations, you have successfully destroyed me.” The words will flow into your head when their eyes bore into your mind when one day you dream about them. You’ll wake up, heaving and sweat plastering your clothes to your body. You’ll look around, almost expecting to see them, waiting for you to realize the pain that they went through. But how does it matter now? It’s too late. You swallow the bile threatening to spill out of your mouth. You are blinded by the tears in your eyes and paralyzed by the aching in your chest. You open your mouth as the words tumble out.

“I killed you.”

But you are too late. It’s been a long time since you killed them. You can’t make a difference now. But thank the gods, finally, you realized the height of your capabilities and the destructive nature of your existence. When you’re withered and old, for your sake I hope you die in peace. That you would be able to do something to compensate for your sins. Otherwise, it’s really unfortunate. Because you ended up killing two people. And one of them was you.

Thank you for reading!!

A random thought turned into a post once again. 



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