Why Books Are A Roller Coaster Ride?

If there is one thing that I love doing and could probably spend the rest of my life doing is reading books. I love reading a lot. But reading comes with a price. And here, I am not referring to the literal price of the book but the emotional price that I have to pay during the process of reading the book. Here are a few reasons as to why books are a roller coaster ride:

  • Characters having split personalities.

One thing that unsettles a lot in books or even TV shows and movies for that matter is when I am unable to categorize a character as good or bad. In one chapter the character is pure evil and you even imagine the devil horns growing on their head and in the next chapter they are going around saving lost kittens. I absolutely hate it. I feel like killing them one second and on the other, I want to give them a cookie. Unsettling as hell.



  • Stupid Characters

Calling these characters stupid is actually an understatement of the century. They are the dumbest ever. They are so dumb that you just want to wring their necks, shake them and then try to slap some sense into them. They make the most horrendous decisions ever and worst case scenario, all the characters die because of them and these idiots miraculously survive. Just leave already.



  • Unreasonable Plot Twists

So in some books, there are the dumbest plot twists of all time. Like totally unnecessary. I might be reading a book about a high school love story and then out of nowhere the guy finds out that he is the alpha of a werewolf pack and the girl is a vampire and her long lost brother is a dragon. And magically, without doing anything, she’s pregnant. Just wonderful. I cannot handle this.


  • Character Deaths

    Everyone hates it when their favorite character dies. And you know what I hate even more? When all my favorite characters die. Every single one of them. It is even worse when you are not expecting it. They are alive this instant and then BAAM! They are all dead. First, you are unable to comprehend what just happened. So you read it again. And again. And again. And when you finally realize what happened….Those waterworks are real, bro. They are legit. They are so legit that they can turn Sahara into a rainforest.


  • When A Good Book Ends

You buy a book. You start reading the book. You fall in love with the book. You finish the book. And as you close the book, the final words still lingering in your mind, you sit there contemplating your entire existence. You wanna know why? Because you just finished the book. The memories are still too fresh in your mind to read it again but you don’t want the book to end but it just ended. And there’s nothing you can do about it. Just go and find some sad songs. And probably some chocolate ice-cream.



I used gifs. I can see that. I overused them. I see that too. Get over it. It’s not my fault.

Thank you for reading!!




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