Hi! I am Bailey Sanders, a 15-year-old high school student. I am currently in Grade 9 or Freshman Year. I like reading, writing, listening to music, eating and sleeping. I love drinking coffee and wasting my time on the internet. You can say that I’m a weird crossover between a tomboy and a girly girl. I am obsessed with fandoms and everything Tumblr. My favorite color is black. I love talking to my friends for hours on end at the most unearthly time possible. Also, I speak a little bit of German since I learn it at school. Usually, I’m a very nice and polite person but there’s about a 99 percent chance you’ll  be creeped out when you meet me in real life.

Banter With Bailey is not about a single thing. It is about many little things in life. Okay, that sounded pretty deep. But it’s true, though. Ranging from my experiences, my thoughts, my views, my likes and my dislikes to cinnamon flavored popcorn. I wanted to start blogging a long time back but I was not really good at it, not that I’m an expert now, but I am better than before. I did write a bunch of posts but it didn’t quite click, so here I am now.

I’m really glad that you guys took out some of your precious time to go through my blog. I hope you guys like what you see and if have any feedbacks then you can get back to me through an email or send me a message on my social media. To know more about that, check out the ‘Contact Me’ Page.

Happy reading!




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