Hi! I am Bailey Sanders, a 16-year-old high school student. I am currently in 11th grade or junior year. I like reading, writing, listening to music, eating and sleeping. I love drinking coffee and wasting my time on the internet. I’m pretty normal most of the time but that is only when the stuff around me does not claim my interest. I won’t even begin writing about my obsessions because then we’d be stuck here for at least 10,000 years. If you are interested then you might want to check out my posts from time to time to keep up with my life. (shameless self-promo, I know. Don’t judge me.) The answer to the most cliche thing that everyone happens to ask first when playing 20 questions is that my favorite colors are black and yellow. I’m generally too demotivated to write but I assure you I’ll try my best to keep myself together and do the thing that makes me happy.

Banter With Bailey is basically my outlet where I can write about the things which I feel passionate about and share my experiences with people who are willing to listen. Honestly, I can’t tell you what this blog is actually about. I will just keep on going with the flow. Hopefully, most of you will like what I put forward.

I’m really glad that you guys took out some of your precious time to go through my blog. I hope you guys like what you see and if have any feedbacks then you can get back to me through an email or send me a message on my social media. To know more about that, check out the ‘Contact Me’ Page.

Happy reading!



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